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Our Mission

To reconnect people to the balance of nature, and their truest nature within.

Our Vision - A thriving planet where all beings live in harmony within the cycles of nature.



Richie Parrella is a certified yoga teacher and Reiki practitioner trained in Prana yoga, based in the lineages of Kundalini and Tantra yoga. He leads classes with the intention to create a safe space for others to explore their inner experience and create transformation, as well as reduce stress, anxiety, and support overall wellness. His classes are rich in yogic philosophy, breath work also known as pranayama, and mindfulness.


Based on his many years studying psychology, nutrition, and exercise science, as well as his years trained in Muay thai Kickboxing and Brazillian Jiu-jitsu, he has come to learn that the body, mind and spirit are all intrinsically connected, and must be treated as such, to achieve optimal health, and to support in self realization, and transformation.


Richie also manages an organic Hazelnut orchard in Hillsborough, NJ, and Leads yoga classes and events on the farm. His life is given to supporting others in transformation to higher states of wellness and consciousness, where real freedom can be attained.

Kyrie Christnie fell in love with yoga from the moment she experienced the palpable shift from the constant chattering mind into the sweet sensation of “feeling.” 

She loves to laugh and says it’s the best medicine, in addition to yoga and the universal language of music. 

Kyrie attended Berklee College of Music, where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Professional Music, graduating with honors in 2008.
She received her 200 hour yoga teaching certification from the Prancing Peacock in 2015 and completed a 100 hour certification in Yin yoga in 2016. Following this, she participated in a Restorative Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Soul in Princeton Junction in 2017.

Kyrie is passionate about the healing power of yoga, music, community, and bringing joy to many different types of people from all cultures and walks of life.


Yoga therapy session (90 Min) 

This is an individualized guided yoga session, meant to heal the body, mind, and spirit using breath, movement, relaxation, as well as guided meditation. This session will be based on your direct needs and wants. 


Reiki Massage (60 min)
Reiki is a japanese technique used for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes the bodies natural intuitive healing. It will leave your body in a state where the energy is flowing, allowing your immune system to fully function, and leaving you in a state of bliss. 


Chakra balancing session using breath and sounds (60 min)

In this session using breath and sounds to move energy in the body will be facilitated, to clear out any blockages. This is a somatic practice that will leave you feeling clear, relaxed, and centered. 


Mind, Body, Spiritual Coaching in Nature (60/90 min)
In this session, we will discuss any topics from overall wellness that are of interest to you. We will navigate any areas in which you are feeling blocked, constrained, or completely stopped. Many different techniques can be used such as guided meditation or visualizations, somatic awareness, and practicing moment by moment awareness and repatterning to have you creating new choices that better serve you and your mission in life. 


Sessions can be offered in Hillsborough, NJ, or can be brought to your location if within range.

Phone/Skype/Zoom sessions are also available


*We also offer corporate retreats so please reach out with any inquiries. 


Nora Lopez

Being a beginner yoga student at over 60 years old, I was interested in a class that could help me in my flexibility and stress issues. I have back problems issues and have taken other yoga classes in which movements were done too quickly for me to stay with the rest of the class, resulting in hurting myself. Through Richie’s “no harm classes” my stretching and flexibility has improved tremendously as well as helping me lower my stress levels. Once I am done with a class I feel like a new person! Thanks Richie...
"Richie's Nature to Nurture workshop is great! His grounded instruction and knowledge is well- balanced with his playfulness. I learn so much about classic yogic teachings from his classes. In addition, being witness to his own growth and journey leaves me confident that he would be a competent and compassionate guide for anyone who wants to live their best life."

Dr. Jennifer Redmond

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